Mathematics Programs at Futurite

  • Advanced Maths: Designed for children who enjoy solving Mathematics problems and puzzles and help them fall in love with Maths [+ more]

    We Focus On

    • Problem-solving: Mathematics is learnt best by solving problems. In our program, students are trained on various problem-solving strategies. Theory is introduced through solving problems.
    • Challenging Problems to make the child think and be creative. Unlike the standard school curriculum, we focus on problems that cannot be solved by blindly applying an algorithm.
    • Clearing concepts: In school it is possible to score high marks in Maths without having a strong grasp on the fundamentals as most problems don’t test a child’s understanding of Maths. We focus on getting the concepts clear and developing a strong foundation.
    • Developing a love for Maths: Too many children find Maths unexciting and boring because of the way it is taught in schools. We strive to bring out the beauty in Maths and help your child fall in love with Maths.

    To download sample problems for each level click on the icons below.

  • Olympiad Preparation: Focused preparation programs to help your child sail through the IMO (SOF). For classes 3 to 9
  • Mental Maths: Being able to perform complex calculations fast in your mind is a handy skill that pays off handsomely. Help your child be an expert.
  • Regular Tuition: Our expert tutors will help your child to improve in Maths and get better marks.
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  • Communication Skills – Trinity College London certificate examinations
  • The Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming for the Raspberry Pi
  • Preparatory programs for SCAT (School and College Ability Test) for entry into summer programs at Ivy League universities in the USA.