National Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020) in India

National Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020) in India

On 4th August 2020, the Indian government, passed an amendment regarding the educational system, implementing some, industry based, methodical, wide, and broad, planning as the new era or future generation, which is quite unique itself.

It can be the pathway to be orthodox in technological future prospect for the students,

And will be much happier to be the students, whoever is ambitious to achieve some extraordinary, classes.

What is the Main Objective of NEP2020?

For a long time, the educational system in our country was criticized and reported as the vastest, burdensome curriculums, which is quite far away from the practical world. There also some figurative points, which are really, unnecessary, and negligible, combinations, to become a professional in any field except medical, and engineering.

So the students were bound to suffer a lot in the huge presser to get the score to get qualified in any stream, unlikely. The new policy not only relieves them but also give them a space to be elective and wise to be graduate in any stream, with any combination. That's a fantastic point.

The Changes are like:

5+3+3+4 Policy

In this system, between the ages of 3-8years, a student will have to go for 5 years of pre-schooling. Then between 8-11 years (class 3-5), there has the preparatory stage of 3 years for experimental learning. After that between the 11-14 years, the students will comprise in middle school in classes 6-8 for 3 years. And finally, the students will be appearing in the secondary stage for 4 years (classes 9-12).

Here a student can choose his/her favorite subjects or combinations, for their own desires of studies and interested field of specialization.

Mother Tongue

Another most beautiful feature is the medium. Now in this new system everyone can learn or complete their study, with their mother tongue.


In this system, there will be one and only Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) to governs the academic standards of India, instead of different education agencies like UGC/AICTE/NCTE.

Cross Functional System

Now in this system will be no separate science, arts, and commerce streams. It means any student can choose his/her interested or wishing subjects as combination math + music+ accountancy or physics+ sociology+ economics.

 Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP)

Any student can rejoin to complete the course or degree at any time. There will be no drop outs, they may be certified as vocational, diploma, or graduate, according to their efforts, in the time frame of 1, 2 or 3 years.

National education policy, or NEP2020, is much awaited planning and reformation of the entire educational system in India, rather following the western format, which is quite an easier, liberal and hopefully can support the elective subjects, according to the choices and will of the students, whereas the previous system, containing the huge and casts of subjects, with syllabuses, which was quite burdensome, for everyone, except the studious and intelligent.


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