A review of Tinybop’s “The Robot Factory” app

A review of Tinybop’s “The Robot Factory” app

There are a number of educational kits available in the market that provides an effective robotics education to children. Undoubtedly, these kits are pretty effective from the point of view of education but there’s a small hidden catch involved in these kits. These kits are costly. And we think that a little guidance is necessary to get involved with such kits like the Lego Mindstorms series, Dash and Dot, Ozobots etc. What about a different approach? One that serves the same purpose in a different manner. Well, not exactly the same “purpose” to be honest; the kits that are mentioned above provide a better learning experience because of their intricate design and technology that provides a variety of options. Moreover, the kits provide hands-on education that is far more enlightening and gratifying. So why are we mentioning this specific app that provides a virtual form of robotics education? We have to admit that the first and foremost reason behind its mention is its price that is far more reasonable when compared to the kits. The kits also require free apps for programming purposes that works along with the bots. But “The Robot Factory” app is a solo superhero that works alone. A bit like Chuck Norris, isn’t it? We also think that this app is particularly suitable for children who are just beginning to learn their alphabets and numbers. Intricate kits contain a number of small parts that are considered to be choking hazards. This app is safer when compared to them and is fun as well as pretty engaging. So let’s discuss this app in more detail.



The Robot Factory app


The Robot Factory is a form of an exploratory open world app that’s tailor-made for elementary-grade children who love to design, create and experience open play. The app provides the player with helpful tips to beat a particular level. The players can independently assemble the robot parts as per their choice in any manner without ado. We would like to say that please make them design the robots in a manner that looks pretty realistic from the point of view of physics, like keeping the center of gravity in mind they should try to design a humanoid robot (if they actually design a humanoid form) which is lighter at the top because it enables the robot to balance steadily on its feet. Of course, they won’t be able to know the meaning of center of gravity, but you can explain it by asking your kids to design a robot that should be lighter at the top because that’s the way a human being looks like, isn’t it? Real life examples are an excellent way of learning. We should also say that this is just an advice. You can make almost any design on this app which is undoubtedly a very good thing.


The different features of this app are:

  • With this app, players can build thousands of discrete robots from hundred parts.
  • Players can test their robots to see whether they work or not. Robots, on this app can walk, run, fly and hop.
  • Players will be able to implement physics-driven robot parts and check the result out on the same app itself. Players will be able to swap out various robot parts; in simpler words, we would like to say improvise to get different results.
  • Colorize robots with 9 different color schemes.
  • Players will be able to record their very own robot sounds.
  • Players will have their very own showroom. They can collect their designed robots in the same showroom.
  • Make your robots perform hilarious feats like dancing.
  • The app is child-friendly, safe and pretty intuitive.
  • The app supports a multi-user system.
  • This app also provides the users with a technical manual that provides them with details about various robot parts and tools.

Experimentation and designing are the key features of this app. More precisely, we would like to say that this app stresses on the trial and error process of learning. This is beneficial in the sense that children tend to learn from their mistakes and take proper measures so that they don’t repeat it again in future. The Robot factory app is available for download from apple iOS store.

Robotics is seen to be an avant-garde form of education but there’s no doubt that this field of science has lucrative career prospects in the modern era. It has become a part and parcel of STEM education. Robotics education can make your children stand out from the crowd which will be immensely beneficial for them in their job opportunities and other career choices. To channel their interest into this intricate field of science, it’s necessary to introduce this subject at an early age. That might be a stepping stone to success, prosperity and satisfaction.


Futurite aims to bring high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to school students in India. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics and 3D Printing to impart a thorough grounding in STEM subjects and concepts to school students while making their learning experience fun, engaging and hands-on. Futurite has been operating in Dubai successfully (as Premier Genie) since a number of years, working with over 25 of the top international schools and teaching 1000+ students. Futurite has been founded by alumni from IIT, IIM, JU and HEC Paris.

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