Tips to Increase Memory Strength

Tips to Increase Memory Strength

Tips to Increase Memory Strength

Are you facing memory loss or cannot remember things when needed? Are you facing embarrassment when unable to remember a task or fail to answer in front of your colleagues and boss? Read this article carefully as I have listed some of the best scientifically proven methods to increase your or your child’s memory strength.  

Before starting with the tips, let us first understand the nature of our “Working Memory”

In laymen’s term, working memory is just like a notepad that we use to save something but in this case it is the notepad for our brain to store temporary data or information. For e.g., when we hear someone’s address or name, we store it in the temporary memory or the working memory and hold on to those details until we are finished with it. When the data is not important anymore, we delete or forget about it, but in case of important information which we want to store in our memory permanently, our brain transfer those information from the working memory to the long-term memory from where we recall old information. So we need to improve or strengthen our long term memory. Follow the tips that I will be listing below to improve memory.

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Methods to increase memory:

  1. Meditation: It is seen that adults can hold up to 7 items in their working memory but if you are not able to do that, then start medication at least 30 minutes a day and continue for at least 60 days to see results.

  2. Drink Coffee: According to a recent study it is seen that by taking caffeine pill after doing a learning task has actually improved the memory recall for up to 24 hours. But remember that caffeine can cause a lot of problems, so do not abuse it at any cost.

  3. Exercise or Workout: Exercise or Workout can prove to be very helpful not only to keep you in shape but also improves brain circulation and improves spatial memory.

  4. Sleep More: Sleep is one of the best ways to improve memory as the consolidation of memory process initiates only while sleeping. Hence we can understand that if we do not get adequate sleep, there’s a high probability in the decrease in memory recall. Hence it is important to get proper sleep for the better performing of the working memory.

  5. Train your brain: It is very important to train our brain to improve brain activity which thus results in improving memory. We can easily train our brain by playing complex games like Chess or learn a new language or a new musical instrument.

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Note that all the listed methods are proven by study and have achieved results only by pure dedication and commitment to increase memory strength.



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