Things to do during a Home Quarantine

Things to do during a Home Quarantine

We all know the pain of sitting at home especially at times of a home Quarantine. Hence in this article I will try my best to give some ideas on Things to do during a Home Quarantine especially during the times of the pandemic situation caused by the COVID-19 virus. I will also be trying my best to promote some of the most trending Hashtags people use like #stayathome #lockdownIndia etc. I will be describing the importance and the need to stay at home during the times of a lockdown scenario. So let’s start this article by first understanding the importance of staying at home during the time of a lockdown.

Importance of staying at home during a Lockdown or Home Quarantine

Things to do during a Home Quarantine |

First we need to understand that there is a reason why all the Governments have imposed home quarantine and a lock down. The reason is very simple as they want us to be safe and also to slow down the process of spreading the virus. People who are not aware of the ways the COVID-19 virus spreads, for them let me break it down in Layman’s terminology. The virus spreads through sneezing and coughing. Hence people having cold, cough, joint pain, flu are advised to wear masks at all times and use hand sanitizers and perform self-quarantine not only from the rest of the world but also from family members. These are the basic symptoms and remedies of fighting this virus as we are still waiting for a cure or vaccines. Till the time doctors and scientists find the success of developing a vaccine to cure this deadly virus, it is our responsibility as a citizen to follow these basic rules as instructed by our governments. This is to decrease the immense rate of the spreading of this virus and to save as many lives as possible.

Now that I have done my bit spreading awareness, I hope my readers appreciate it and share it on with their friends and families. Hence let us now move towards the main reason for writing this article which everyone is waiting for.

What to do during a home quarantine?

Here I will be listing my some of the things which people can or should do during the times of a home quarantine. As Home quarantine is for everyone, I will make sure that I provide enough tips not only for men but also for women, kids as well as for senior citizens. Note that the tips and things that I am about to say are not advised by the government and are strictly my ideas. With that said let’s start with Women and slowly move towards men, child and the senior citizens. As this is period is not a holiday people will be busy working from home. So I will state the things people can do after finishing of their work.

Things to do during #HomeQuarantine

Things to do during a Home Quarantine |

Since majority of women are doing “Work from Home”, they have the liberty to do anything after completing their office work like spending time with family. Now is also the time for finishing all the TV series if not already. Knack of cooking can be further exploited by trying to make new dishes. Being in a relationship, the most we complain about is to not getting enough time to chat with your loved ones or video call, hence now is the time keep your mobile data packs and your Wi-Fi recharged. Do not get me wrong as all these tips are also applicable for men. Speaking about the things that men can do now apart from work will be venturing into social media, play mobile or PC games. Men can also accomplish their fitness goals by turning their house into a temporary gym to retain their physique. Kids are the most beneficial as there are no school or exams to attend or prepare for. But without wasting all day playing games and watching TV, they should atleast give some time in studies through online Learning Classes like the ones that are offered by Futurite. This will help them keep in touch with their academic curriculums as prepare for the examinations before-hand. Senior Citizens will not see any change in their lives except for their morning and evening strolls to the park as they are always in home Quarantine. But now they can get to spend more time with their family as everyone will not be living their homes. Oldies are mostly retired, hence they can read newspapers and watch TV and sleep all day long.

Now that I have covered all the topics that I promised while starting this article, I hope my readers find this content useful and get the answers that you are looking for on the Things to do during a Home Quarantine.


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