STEM Education Institute in Kolkata

STEM Education Institute in Kolkata

Reading this article will help people to better understand the importance and the crucial role inflicted through STEM education and why enrolling your child to Futurite’s STEM education learning program will prove to be beneficial for one’s carrier. We will also be discussing about some of the applications and importance of STEM education in the present scenario and will also be answering some of the questions related to STEM education. So let us begin this article by first understanding the meaning of STEM education and what it actually refers to.

STEM education Institute in Kolkata |

The word “STEM” may not be recognized by everyone and its importance is hardly overlooked and neglected, but it actually determines the carrier of students and how well they stand out in their profession in near future. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Just by disclosing the full form, I believe people will understand about what I am referring to and why I am emphasizing more on the impact on a student’s carrier inflicted by STEM education. A good understanding on STEM qualifies a person to work where they desire and be successful by securing a job.

Why STEM is so important?

Now speaking about statistics, according to the US Department of Commerce, a 17% growth of STEM occupants is seen where on the other hand; only 9.8% growth is witnessed in other occupations. The salary of a STEM degree holder is also higher even though they are in Non-STEM carriers. Considering these statistics, we can clearly see the importance and the vital role it plays in the industry and why one should consider it over any other degree if they wish to have a better life and a better carrier.  STEM is already a part of us and we are surrounded by it even when we do not realize it. We are always surrounded by Science with the usage of Technology. The effect of Engineering lies in every aspect of our lives like the roads and bridges but it also deals with environmental problems like Global warming, depletion of natural resources etc by creating eco friendly changes where Mathematics is constantly in used by everybody and in any occupation. Hence exposing students into STEM and providing them with the concept and usage of STEM education to help them develop the passion and interest to pursue STEM related opportunities and initially securing a job on it. This not only helps the individual but also plays a vital role in boosting a countries’ economy.   

Futurite’s STEM learning Program

STEM education Institute in Kolkata |

As we have already discussed about the importance of STEM education, we will now discuss why it is important to enroll your child to a good learning institute like Futurite. As STEM consists of 4 most vital subjects in any student’s life, it is very crucial to learn about all these subjects individually and understand their concepts only from the best learning institutes. Futurite promises to do just the same as their goal is to provide the best STEM education by covering all the topics individually and by providing theoretical along with practical knowledge to their students and also prepare them to tackle the huge competition that lies ahead. Futurite has always kept proving themselves by constantly updating their teaching methods and by implementing newer methods to make the course more interesting and fun to learn. Providing valuable information and knowledge is only proved to be helpful when the person learning it thinks in the same way. Hence there is no doubt that Futurite is indeed the best provider of STEM education in Kolkata.


Futurite aims to bring high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to school students in India. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics and 3D Printing to impart a thorough grounding in STEM subjects and concepts to school students while making their learning experience fun, engaging and hands-on. Futurite has been operating in Dubai successfully (as Premier Genie) since a number of years, working with over 25 of the top international schools and teaching 1000+ students. Futurite has been founded by alumni from IIT, IIM, JU and HEC Paris.

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