Lego Education Institute in Kolkata

Lego Education Institute in Kolkata

Lego Education Institute in Kolkata

This article will teach people about the importance of Lego Education, Lego Wedo and Lego Mindstorms EV3 and why it is important for child’s better growth. We will also be discussing about the benefits that will reflect towards their carrier if taken seriously and also discuss about the best Lego Education Institute in Kolkata . Lastly before finishing this article we will be talking about Futurite’s LEGO Education Program and why you should consider them for your child. So let’s get started.

Lego Education Institute in Kolkata |

What is LEGO Education?

It is basically a hands-on learning approach that helps students to work and understand the basic principal and the working process of robotics using hardware and software simultaneously. Students of Lego education use LEGO bricks or parts and with the help of digital tools, they solve problems using creative and cumulative as well as critical thinking. By learning Lego education students develop a strong understanding and knowledge on essential curriculum concepts which helps them to perform well in school and big competitions. Lego education follows the 4C’s process which is—Connect to a story, Construct to a model, contemplate its functions & continue improving its design.

Lego Education Institute in Kolkata |

Advantages of Learning Lego Education

To be precise, there are actually multiple advantages and benefits of Lego Education but amongst them some of the most crucial benefits are as follows:

# Lego education improves the understanding on motor skills.

# Lego education increases team work and also improves creativity, communication skills, self-esteem.

# Lego education can develop skills like problem solving and also develops persistence, lateral thinking and planning.

We have discussed some of the most important benefits of learning Lego but have saved the most important benefits of Lego Education for last which is programming knowledge and skills. As we all know that programming or coding knowledge is highly appreciated in all the major IT industries as one gets the liberty to change or modify or build a program to work according to and request. This is mainly focused on Lego education as programming languages like C & Python are used to program the Lego robots to perform any desired task but without losing the fun factor or quotient and hence it intrigues the child to invest their time to build and program robots and play with them.

Lego Education Institute in Kolkata |

Why Futurite’s Lego learning program is your child’s best bet?

Futurite is considered to be one of the best learning institutes in the world having multiple branches all around. They are recognized to provide the best learning experience to their students and help them build a path and push them to achieve their goals. They are providing Lego education and are having classes on Lego Wedo (for ages 7+) as well as Lego Mindstorms EV3 (for ages 12 & above) along with many other learning programs. They are known to be the best as they have an excellent team of faculties with all the equipment’s and environment focused to draw the attention of their students. They do not just provide knowledge but also makes sure that their knowledge is accessible to all their students so that no one stays behind. They make the learning process fun and interesting for kids by implementing modern teaching methods and much more making Futurite the best learning Institutes out there.


Futurite aims to bring high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to school students in India. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics and 3D Printing to impart a thorough grounding in STEM subjects and concepts to school students while making their learning experience fun, engaging and hands-on. Futurite has been operating in Dubai successfully (as Premier Genie) since a number of years, working with over 25 of the top international schools and teaching 1000+ students. Futurite has been founded by alumni from IIT, IIM, JU and HEC Paris.

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