Introducing PancakeBot: a 3D Printer that can actually “print” Pancakes

Introducing PancakeBot: a 3D Printer that can actually “print” Pancakes

3D design and printing is already gaining popularity in various manufacturing cum engineering fields like jewelry, space exploration and research, building constructions, aeronautical engineering etc. Seemingly, food technology is also going hand in hand with the other technological fields listed above. 3d One such example is the PancakeBot. With this technology, users will be able to print pancakes having innovative and intricate designs as per their choices. It certainly has all the potential to be a flamboyant accessory to your kitchen.


This bot allows the users to “print” pancakes out in any design that they can imagine. The entire process is very easy and is designed in a manner that's user-friendly. Even a child can use PancakeBot to design a pancake of his/her choice. It's also a fun way to unleash your creative ideas and incorporate them into your food which, in this case, is a pancake. The best thing is that you don't have to possess a degree in art or in culinary science to operate this technology.


There are basically 3 steps through which you can make pancakes using the PancakeBot. Let's go through these steps.

Step 1: Fill the reservoir with batter.

Step 2:  Load the SD (Secure Digital) card with the design that needs to be created by you through the software which is supported by the PancakeBot and should be included with the package.

Step 3: You are set to start the “print”. Watch the bot “print” the image presented by you, with the batter.

Fill the reservoir

You need to pour the batter into the reservoir to create your pancake. You can refer to the image below to get a better idea of this matter.


 The PancakeBot reservoir filled with batter

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Reproducing an Image on the PancakeBot Software and loading it on SD Card

PancakeBot has a user-friendly software that allows the user to design pancakes by reproducing any image of his/her choice. The image can be anything, ranging from your special superhero character to a monument that's part of the “wonders of the world”. The process is very easy. You create a file using the software and your bot completes the rest. As an artist, you can actually control the lines that need to be drawn first on your pancake by the PancakeBot using this software. This also allows you to determine the pancake's shading. You can actually refer to the picture below to get an idea as to how to reproduce an image using the software for your PancakeBot.


 Reproducing an existing image on the software for the PancakeBot. The bot will print the pancake on the basis of the red lines made by the user.

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After the image reproduction's done, the same image can be saved on a SD card. This image can be printed anytime as per the user's convenience without the need to re-work the same thing again and again unless another new one is used.

Printing the Pancake as per the user-specified Design

The bot uses a reservoir having a controlled batter dispensing mechanism (patent pending) to “print” batter on the griddle that comes with the bot. The entire mechanism uses a combination of vacuum and compressed air through which the bot controls the distribution of the batter. There are on-board controls that enable the user to fine tune batter distribution as the reservoir glides over that griddle. The only task that remains after the “print” is to cook the pancake on the griddle. The picture below will give you a clear idea about the process through which the PancakeBot “prints” the batter on the griddle.


PancakeBot in action

Image source-

Incorporating Colors

Do you want to make a colored pancake using this bot? You can do that. Simply add approved food colors into the batter, load the design on the SD card and the bot will handle the rest.


The following features are present in the bot:

  • Simple interface and screen,
  • A slot for SD card,
  • A pressure control mechanism that controls the batter flow,
  • Pause/resume option for “printing” pancakes,
  • PancakeBot can print the batter on any surface without the griddle that comes with the bot,
  • Easy to wash,
  • Removable griddle,
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free,
  • Includes a user manual that also contains batter recipes,
  • The entire mechanism is collapsible for easy storage,
  • The software is compatible with Windows as well as Mac,
  • User can access video tutorials cum downloadable files that are ready to “print”.

This short video can explain the working of the PancakeBot in more details.

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PancakeBot is available for pre-order here. This bot is the perfect tool for manufacturing pancakes with innovative and complex designs that can be showcased in cafes, restaurants, trade shows, parties etc. It's an exceptional accessory to your kitchenette as well. Start creating intricate designs using this bot and you'll get a feeling of satisfaction when you'll see your creative ideas being brought to life. That's the actual beauty of PancakeBot.


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