Insight of Futurite’s Online Classes | COVID-19 Virus

Insight of Futurite’s Online Classes | COVID-19 Virus

Futurite’s Online Classes for Corona Virus Outbreak |

We all know about the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that has struck upon us and which has no sign of stopping. Hence as recommended by all Governments bodies we have to take all necessary precautions likes, washing hands thoroughly with soap if alcohol based hand sanitizers are not available, stay away from crowded places, wear masks, stay indoors, stay away from anyone who has fever, close your mouth with tissue paper or your  hands while coughing or sneezing and if anyone is seen with the symptoms of the virus, then do not hide it from the rest of the world as you will only harm yourselves as well as others. As currently there are no vaccines for this virus, hence we have to take the responsibility to look after yourselves along with your loved ones according to the WHO Guidelines and we shall overcome this pandemic situation together.

Futurite Online CLasses |

Now that I have shared my thoughts of spreading awareness to my readers, let me now come towards the main reason of writing this article. As we all know that all schools, colleges, educational Institutes have been closed due to this virus, Futurite has come up with online classes. This is done so that kids can carry on with their studies and their academic curriculums online without wasting this time playing video games, social media etc. Futurite is giving away these online classes with their highly trained teaching staff who has experience in handling online classes as well as who can inherit all these qualities of a good teacher overall. The motive of Futurite is to spread awareness but also making sure that even if educational institutes are closed, we can continue providing knowledge and information through online medium. Hence the students of Futurite can now Click Here and get redirected to the Futurite’s Online Classes website and continue getting education from skilled and highly experienced teachers.

Now that I have given the overall insight of Futurite’s Online Classes during this epidemic situation, I have one request to make to my readers, which is not to panic and be self-aware and follow the guidelines and rules inflicted by the Government bodies as well as WHO. I believe that soon we will have a break through from this COVID-19 virus as the scientists as well as medical Institutes around the world are working 24*7 to come up with a cure or a vaccine and soon we will get over this pandemic situation. But until that happens we have to be extremely cautious and we have to make sure that we follow these rules and also make sure that others do as well.  


Futurite aims to bring high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to school students in India. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics and 3D Printing to impart a thorough grounding in STEM subjects and concepts to school students while making their learning experience fun, engaging and hands-on. Futurite has been operating in Dubai successfully (as Premier Genie) since a number of years, working with over 25 of the top international schools and teaching 1000+ students. Futurite has been founded by alumni from IIT, IIM, JU and HEC Paris.

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