How to prepare for an interview – 5 Most Useful Tips

How to prepare for an interview – 5 Most Useful Tips

Are you getting rejected in interviews? Want to know where you are going wrong and how to resolve them? Well this article is just for you as here I will be talking about some of the important criteria’s that an interviewer looks and how exactly you can dominate in your interview. I will also be listing 5 most useful tips to prepare for an interview which will help you crack an interview in the first attempt. So let’s get started by first understanding what an interviewer looks for in a candidate during an interview.

How to prepare for an interview – 10 Most Useful Tips |

Things an Interviewer Looks for in a Candidate during an Interview

  • First Impression is the Last Impression – The first thing an interviewer looks for in a candidate during interview is dressing, personality, attitude, demeanor, leadership qualities, communication skills and how you introduce yourself at the beginning. They observe how well versed and passionate he or she is for the interview.

  • First 10 minutes – For most cases an interviewer makes their decision within the first 10 mins of an interview. Hence the questions asked in this period should be taken very seriously and should be answered correctly. But in some cases an interview might go one for hours before an interviewer comes with a result as they want to know everything about the candidate and how well do they suit for that job position and will they be able to handle the responsibility.

  • What candidates bring on to the table – An interviewer’s main motive is to understand why the candidate is better than others and why he or she should be chosen.  So they look for a candidate who can showcase their skills, their capabilities, their work experience, their knowledge about the company and the job position they are applying for. Hence if a candidate can showcase their unique skills and what the company gets as a whole package and how the company will be benefited, will make the interviewer consider you over others.

  • Communication Skills: It is often seen that candidates who are a good speaker and have excellent communication skills and the power to persuade others are selected for the position. This is because they look for people who can express themselves and are confident enough to communicate and exert their feelings.

Now that we have understood what an interviewer looks for in a candidate during an interview, let us now focus on how you can prepare for an interview with the top 10 tips that I am going to list below and how you can dominate the interview and get selected if these tips are inherited properly.

10 Most Useful Tips to prepare for an Interview

No.1 – Do a Research about the company & the Job Position

 The first thing you should consider while preparing for an interview is to do a complete thorough analysis of the company and the job profile you are opting for. This is very crucial as you will get to know how the company operates and what the job profile is about. Do your homework and learn the year of establishment, name of the owner, any important facts or achievement of the company. This can be used to show the interviewer how well prepared you are and how the needs of the company can be fulfilled by you. By demonstrating interest for the company will help you be on the interviewer’s good books and will set you apart from the rest.

No.2 – Showcase your selling points to the Interviewer

Try making a detailed list of points about your qualities and skill sets and why you are the best choice for that position. This will help the interviewer to identify your selling points and you are the best for that job position.  Also give them valid reasons why you need the job and what qualities you posses over others for the job and to what extent you can go.

No.3 – Be prepared to answer unethical & inappropriate questions

In most interviews you will face questions that have no relation with the company or your job but are about your thinking on cast, race, gender, politics, sexual orientation etc.  These types of questions are asked for a reason which is to judge your thinking, your judgment on spot as they try to bring you out of your comfort zone and how well you manage and keep up. So be yourself and try to think the inner meaning about the question and try to answer smartly.

No.4 – Make your own list of questions

It is always advisable to make a list of questions about the company and the job profile to the interviewer which will show how eager and interested you are for the job. By asking questions will make the interviewer think how curious you are for the job.

No.5 – Practice common interview questions and keep practicing

How to prepare for an interview – 10 Most Useful Tips |

If you wish to get hired, prepare the FAQ’s and common questions that are asked in interviews to better improve your overall knowledge. It is necessary to remain positive even if not selected as it gives you knowledge and the chance to rectify your flaws and apply it on the next interview.

Before finishing this article I would like to add one more point which is to leave with a happy and Thank You note. This is important as here you are actually telling the interviewer to select you by saying how excited you are and why you would love to work there. But make sure not to beg for the job or keep insisting for the job but just say thank You and leave with a happy face. It is possible that you are getting rejected over and over even after giving your best, so do not ever feel disheartened or get demotivated or think about giving up. Just keep on trying and improve yourself and you will surely get the job. So Best of Luck!!


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