How to Master Programming?

How to Master Programming?

We all know how important it is to master coding especially if you wish to enroll yourself in the development field. In order to get accepted to any MNC’s for a full stack developer, you need to pass numerous rounds and demonstrate your expertise in coding and how efficient your knowledge and skills are. Only after determining all your knowledge, skills, and experience in the field, will give you a chance to get placed. As coding is so crucial in today’s tech driven world, I will be sharing some of my best tips that I followed when I was learning to code. This tips helped me understand the concepts and fundamentals of coding much faster along with some other essential tips. As these tips helped me learn coding much faster, I believe it will help my readers as well. So before enlisting the tips, I would like to state a saying that people should consider just like I did when I started out which is “It takes 10,000 hours of hard work & practice before one can master something completely”. With that said, let’s get started with the tips that will help you to learn coding faster and to be a Master Programming.

#1 Getting Started

Do not feel awful that you aren't an expert programmer yet. As I said earlier, in 10,000 hours, you will be one. But for that what you have to do is start. Make sure to save some time every week if not possible every day. You can take so long as you need or move as speedy as you want. If you’ve determined to grow to be a high-quality programmer, you’ve already performed the hardest part which is planting the seed. Now you just have to invest time and keep learning and practicing and soon your abilities will blossom.

#2 Spend on Books

According to my experience, spending money on book or E books can prove to be very beneficial rather than free blogs. Books can give you the knowledge you desire in a very easy and open way with examples and much more. Do not get me wrong, you can still find amazing articles on the internet for free but you have to know where to look for them. In my case, I bought many books from many different authors and started covering one topic at a time from one book. Then I used to recall everything that I learnt from that book and referred to other books to see if I have missed out on something. Only after being confident enough in that particular topic, I will move onto the next one and carry out the same procedure. This process can be very slow and time consuming, but as a result you can cover every aspect of that particular language and eventually be a pro.

#3 Find & use Mentors

Long back, I used to make small websites for clients and while making, I used to face difficulties and often got panicked due to something that was asked me to do and I didn’t have any idea how to do it. Even after spending several hours on Google, I failed to acquire the answers that I was looking for. Then I asked my brother who had more than a decade of experience in this sector and shared my problem with him. Surprisingly within a few minutes he cleared my problem and also showed me where I was going wrong and how to do things right. Then I realized a fact is to make mentors who can help me in these kinds of situations and I made my brother my first mentor. You can also replicate this process by finding someone who has good knowledge and experience in this sector and can help you when needed which you will. You can also use LinkedIn which is the best platform to get in touch with professionals from any sector.

#4 Mastering OOP = Mastering Coding

If you do not already know, OOP is Object Oriented Programming which is the language everyone codes in. For e.g. just like we communicate in English, coders communicate primarily in OOP terminology like, variables, functions, classes, methods etc. Hence if you can master Object Oriented Programming, then you can easily master any coding language but you have to keep on practice, practice & practice unless you are perfect and believe me, no one is perfect hence there is no end in practicing.

#5 Test Yourself

It is very important that when you learn not only to code but anything, you should first try it yourself. For an e.g. take cooking for an instance, until and unless you taste your own food how will you suppose to know whether it tastes good or like dog food. What I am emphasizing here is the testing part as only you are responsible to make your code small, good and efficient. So if you are learning to web development, try by making a small website for yourself and check for flaws and ways for improvement. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and see whether you like what you have made and if you are satisfied with it. If the answer is a No, then rectify your code and modify it to meet your expectations.

#6 Practice Command Line Interfaces

If you are not already using Linux OS which is basically a command line Interface, then start using it. In the beginning it may not be easy and will require several hours of practice before mastering it, but once mastered you will understand how much you can do from the command line. It is also what the world uses and by using it will make you think and connect to other programmers. So in order to master programming, you have to first master the command line interface.

How to Master Programming? |

These are my top 6 tips that helped me a lot during my learning phase and I hope reading this short yet informative article will help my readers to quickly learn coding but do not forget that there is no easy way to learn coding. You just have to follow these tips, believe in yourself, be patient, keep on practicing and you will eventually see your coding knowledge touch the sky.  


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