How Digital Marketing can help any business

How Digital Marketing can help any business

Today we are living in a world where we are highly depended on technologies. Hence the term “tech-driven” is implied which resembles our nature to look and make a change. People who are not adapting with the current changes in technology or even mentally are bound to fail or get over powered by someone else. This is the same not only for humans but as well as for the technology or the ones using the technology i.e., businesses or companies & industries. As I said earlier, we the human species always try and look for different things, modify or enhance the old solution into something that is far more practical, profitable or both. Now speaking in business or a company’s perspective, due to the availability of modern technologies, the company that is adapting the change and meeting customer or users need is known to be the King. Hence for a business or company to build its brand and make a name in the market will need the power of Digital Marketing to give their services or to sell their products or to just brand building. As Digital Marketing is the latest trend and most companies and businesses are implementing it to the core. The motive behind this approach is to imprint a service or a product to the customers mind so deep that even after persuasion, the user or the customer will be bound to choose their product.  Hence in today’s article I will try my best to provide my readers the answer to one of the most profitable question i.e., “How Digital Marketing can help any business?” So let us start by first understanding the term Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Well the answer lies in the question itself. Yes, it is what you are possible thinking which is the art of performing and applying marketing strategies but strictly using the online approach. Digital Marketing involves a lot of skills, experience, technique and strategy to promote a company or business with their products or services to the maximum no of targeted people around the world.

Did you notice that I used the word “targeted”? This is because this is the only platform through which a company’s products, services or even its name can reach the appropriate or targeted audience or users. Targeted audience is what your goal should be if you wish to sell more products or services. This is all possible using two things which are SEO or Search Engine Optimization & SMO also known as (Social Media Optimization).  People often make the mistake of miss judging its power and its capabilities. With the proper implementation of SEO, SMO combined with the right strategy and skills, a business can be completely redefined.  

Still confused on how this is possible and how your business can profit by using these two techniques? Well let me further help you by giving you the bigger picture and also the terminology of its workings. Do not worry; I will also be covering both the terms later in this article.

How Digital Marketing can help any business |

The untold Truth behind Traditional VS Modern Marketing Strategies

As you might have remembered that I have previously used the word “targeted”. I guess you have miss-judged this small word just like others and I don’t blame you for it. Well this is a word that has a lot of meaning and power in the world of Digital Marketing.  As I said earlier to let people know your products or the services that you or your company is offerings, you need to do promotions. I mean a lot of promotions. Before the usage of Modern technologies and Digital Marketing, businesses used to promote their services and products using the means of advertisements, newspapers, radio, banners etc. But now a day’s people are giving less priority to these but are focusing on promoting through digital mediums. The answers to these changes lie to the amount of users and audience it offers. Think of it like this, when you buy something you always prefer to look for alternatives and choose the best product that offers you with highest ROI or Return on Investment. Now coming back to our topic, using old mediums of promotions are overpowered by the newer ones because they are considerably cheap and also provide the bigger ROI.

For an instance let us consider opting for local advertisements using a well know actor to promote your products or services, or by using radio broadcast, newspapers, televisions etc. All of these mediums are good but not the best and I will tell you why. We all agree that the costing to avail these mediums will cost you a good amount but will still be limited within the range of that particular city or country. Due to the higher costing, small businesses cannot afford it which is also another drawback of using traditional mediums. But in the case of promoting through the internet we can connect to a humongous amount of people around the world but also comparatively cheaper. As you have a whole lot of people to promote your products to, you get a higher probability to increase your sales figures as always brand building or advertising. Some of the digital mediums that can proof to be highly beneficial are SEO, SMO, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube etc. These are much cheaper alternatives but also offer much better ROIs. Hence smaller business can avail it and get make into the game.

Now I believe that my readers understand the advantages and the full potential of using modern technologies and services over traditional means and how Digital Marketing can help any business. But as there are a lot of strategies, tricks and modes of promotions to talk about, I will be sticking with Digital Marketing which mainly has two parts i.e. SEO & SMO or else the article will be very long and a bit boring for most of the readers. But do not worry as I will be covering all other strategies and mediums on another article. But for now let us understand SEO and SMO.

advantages of digital marketing

What is SEO?

In Layman’s term this is the technique to bring in an article or a website on top of SERP or Search Engine Result Page for a particular search term. It is the website or article that comes on the first page of a Search Engine like Google & Bing. Think of it like this, if your company is providing a service or selling a product, by using proper SEO strategies will let your company website or article to rank or come on the top of the results page for a keyword which relevant to your service or product. Hence your website will get huge amounts of traffic and targeted audience as people are looking for that product or that particular service. For e.g. if you are selling a smartphone and your website comes on the first page of Google or Bing for a keyword like “Best smartphone or which is the best smartphone under a budget” then all those people who are interested and entering the same keyword will be able to see your website. This will drive a huge amount of traffic or targeted audience and will surely boost up your sales.  But as this process is very difficult and time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge, experience and skills hence people and businesses hire a SEO consultant or a SEO company to do the job for them.

This technique combined with SMO can further increase the growth of your company by a significant amount which you might not believe unless you see the results. Hence companies and business tries to avail both of these strategies to work side by side to get the best results. Now let us understand the other side of the Digital Marketing Coin that is SMO

What is SMO?

SMO or Social Media Optimization is a technique to use the power of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. As we all know most of us are using atleast one of the Social Media platforms if not all. As a huge amount of people are connected to each other through these platforms, marketers take the advantages to promote their brand and its services by making posts, sharing insights of their company, sharing their services and products. Building a Social Media presence to attract more people and to gain trust is the key motive for using Social Media platforms. This technique also has a lot of strategies and tricks to follow and hence just like SEO, people hire professionals.

Now that I have given this valuable information, I believe that my readers will find this helpful and will understand how Digital Marketing can help any business and why you should considers it if not already. In case if you are looking for a Digital Marketing company, Techno Web Solutions shall be your best bet as they provide complete IT solutions for businesses as well as for individuals and freelancers like Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, CRM software’s and much more at a very affordable price. Get a free quotation by now visiting – “Get Quote”.


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