Best coding languages to learn in 2020

Best coding languages to learn in 2020

Best coding languages to learn in 2020 | Top 5

We already know about the benefits of learning coding in today’s scenario and why you should learn coding from Futurite Kolkata which is the best coding learning institute in Kolkata. Without emphasizing more on this, in this article I will be talking about some of the best Coding languages to learn in 2020. To be more precise, I will be listing the top 5 coding languages which I think can make a difference in the coming years. So without wasting more time, let’s get started with the best coding languages to learn in 2020.

#5 Python

Without any doubt, Python will be on top of our list as this is one of the most hyped and one of the best programming languages to learn as a beginner as this is very easy to learn, easy to use and easy to deploy programming language. Python is widely used to develop scalable web application. For e.g., YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest are made using Python. Now talking about job scope, Python is widely used in many industries/startups as a primary backend stack and so on and hence enables huge opportunities for Full Stack Python developer.

#4 Java

You might be thinking why learn Java which is decades old programming language in 2020. Well the reason behind using a decade old language because it is an extremely stable and highly versatile platform and hence it is used widely for building enterprise-level web applications. Java is also used in making Android applications. In present scenario, it is seen that almost all businesses require an android application. Hence there is also a huge requirement in the market for a good Java developer or an Android studio developer which is nothing but the framework created by Google. So without any doubt Java is still one of the most used coding languages in large organizations.

#3 JavaScript

Wish to work for a cool tech job at one of the finest startup companies? You should definitely consider learning JS. JS is basically a frontend programming language and is mainly used to develop interactive frontend web applications. Now a day’s many organizations along with start ups are using NodeJS which is nothing but JavaScript-based programming language by using NodeJS, developers gets the opportunity to use JavaScript for server-side scripting. Hence with JS can be used as a single programming language for both client and server side scripting.

#2 Swift

Learning Swift is crucial if you plan to develop mobile applications for IOS platform. As we know that if you wish to develop Android applications we need to know Java, similarly Swift is used to make IOS applications that are only available in the App Store and we all know how popular iPhones are and how much competition it puts in the industry. So you will never regret the decision of learning Swift.

#1 C#

Finishing our list with C# which is a programming language developed by Microsoft i.e., is widely used in many big organizations and startup companies for building games (using Unity), backend programming as well for making Windows mobile phone apps. It also has many other use cases.

Now that I have explained and listed the Top 5 best coding languages that you should learn in 2020. By choosing any of the listed platforms, you will get the opportunity to work for any big organization but make sure to be a professional as all the big organizations or start-ups hire only the best lot of coders in any coding platform. Hence you have to practice and practice until you make the language a part of you and all your hard work will soon be appreciated amongst the industry.


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