Benefits of mobile applications over responsive websites in 2020

Benefits of mobile applications over responsive websites in 2020

As we live in a tech driven world where seeing new technologies grow is a common feast to the eyes. Same is with the case of changing habits imposed by humans in their characteristics and needs. Talking in terms of statistics, in 2020 the ratio of mobile users is much higher than the ratio of websites due to the change in habit and needs of human nature.  As we are shifting and modifying our needs and goals in a drastic level, industries that are not adapting are getting dominated by their competitors.This change is also seen for websites and mobile applications where in 2020 the need and usage of Mobile applications are seen to be much higher not just because they are new in the market but also as they offer a lot of more to the table. In this article I will be clearing all the advantages and benefits of a fully-fledged mobile application over a responsive websites for businesses and which one should be chosen and why. By reading this article my readers will know exactly what are the Benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020.

Benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020 |

Decision Making – Website Vs Mobile Application

I think it is a no brainer to choose between a Website or a Mobile Application as without any doubt Mobile Applications will come in top and be a clear winner. Why you may ask?

Well here are some of the basic advantages of mobile applications which will surely answer all your questions and clear your doubts and help to better understand the difference between the two.

  1. User Interface: As I said before, Mobile Application users are way more than website users because of the seamless UI or the User Interface of the application. Only because of this, users tend to spend 18 times more of their time on mobile applications than using mobile users. This is because; mobile applications have the best integrations with the OS or Operating systems of our smartphones. Hence as a result, functions of all applications will be more or less the same regardless their change in the size of the devices. The problems that we face on websites like small buttons or checkboxes or website redirections due to small movements and clicks are obsolete in Mobile applications due to their tight integrations. This also results to a faster loading times and an overall experience which is far more superior to websites.

  2. Information Access: As visiting a website includes a lot of steps like opening a browser, writing the address of the website that you want to visit. This can be quite cumbersome and loss to the website as most people tends to remember the name of the website rather their URLs which means when searching the web using the website’s name can lead to other websites those are ranking for that particular keywords and are offering the same results of products that the person was looking for. This leads to traffic diversion to other competitor sites and which can also turn out to be misleading or scam sites that looks like a genuine site but is not. These sites are rather common now days due to cybercrime and smart hackers who steals your credential information and uses it for their advantage. This same process can be safely replicated by installing mobile applications which eliminates all these problems. Hence this is also considered as one of the benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020.

  3. Push Notification & User Interaction: Every business wants their products or services to be broadcasted to the maximum number of targeted people which leads to better sales and conversions. A mobile application handles this job like a pro as the majority of people using a particular application is seen either to be interested in that product or services or looking for information. These shortlists visitors that are not interested and also increases the probability of conversions. Mobile apps also has a feature called push notifications. This is nothing but a notification system which notifies users from time to time with new products or information’s and further improves the overall user engagements using attractive sales funnels. Now you will think that websites also offers Push notifications just like mobile applications. But let me tell you that 90% people deny push notifications as it is an option to the visitors. But in case of Mobile Applications, push notifications have to be allowed while installing the applications as a default. Hence users will get notifications unless they manually turn it off. Trust me; very less people actually turns off notifications as there are a lot of steps to be followed.

  4. Device features and Offline Mode: Unlike websites which cannot be accessed without internet, most mobile applications gives users the option to still use the application in an offline mode where the data is saved beforehand. Many restrictions can be seen in this mode, but people can atleast get to read or see the information which does not require continuous means of Internet. Using inbuilt device features like GPS to find nearby ATM or restaurants or even track your family member. Scanning QR codes, sending and receiving data using Wi-Fi are some of the many features it offers.  

Benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020 |

These are all inbuilt sensors which our mobile applications can get to access by granting permissions while installing the applications. This is one of the biggest features that a mobile application can offer over websites and also a deciding factor by businesses for using mobile applications instead of websites if not having enough funds or time to use both for the utmost exposure and performance. This is also one of the biggest benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020.

Hence it is now clear that the benefits of a mobile application are much higher when compared with responsive websites. Businesses which are limited with funds should prefer mobile applications over websites but if time and funds allow, using both websites with mobile apps can be highly profitable not only for the conversion rate but also for an overall brand building and exposure. As there are mainly two mobile platforms leading the mobile industry which are non-other Android and the IOS platforms. Hence mobile applications are also made targeting one of these two platforms by using the IDE or Integrated Development Environments like Android Studio for Android Applications and Xcode for IOS developments. Both the platforms work on different coding languages like Java is used for Android Applications where as IOS apps use Objective C and Swift. As this is quite a difficult process people prefer hiring professional developers to do their job for them.

Benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020 |

Now I believe that people reading this article will know the Benefits of mobile application over a website in 2020. In case if you are looking for a Mobile Application Development company which can provide the best bang for your buck and deliver you with the best looking and performing applications for your business, you might consider checking our website which is known for providing services like Mobile Application Development, Web Development as well as Custom Online Portals and CRM software. To get a quotation for any of the listed services click on “Get Quote”.  Now that you have read this article, I hope that it has helped you pick the right solution for your business. For any questions or concerns please let me know.


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