7 Ways to make your Children love Mathematics

7 Ways to make your Children love Mathematics

Mathematics is an important part of education and can play a very important role in shaping a student's career. Some amount of Mathematics is required by almost every stream. It's not only the bed rock of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education but also finds application in fields such as commerce, economics, etc. Hence, it's necessary to build a strong base of mathematics in your child’s mind from an early age. But making children love this intricate subject can turn out to be challenging for many teachers and parents. Solutions of mathematical problems take a great deal of brain power. Most of the time, children feel that this is hard work. Reasoning skills are essential in almost every career, even in a field that is not directly related to maths. There are certain ways to make your children see the beauty of this subject, so that they face their nervousness with glee and overcome it easily. They may also start loving this subject more because of the sense of satisfaction it gives -- particularly after solving a difficult problem. Let's go through some ways to make your children love mathematics.


Introduce a Card Game known as SET

There's a card game known as SET. The games involving these cards include the mathematical set concepts. This game is pretty inspiring and it promotes various mathematical topics like probability, permutations and combinations (all of these topics involve the set concepts). Most importantly, SET is fun to play with. Your children would love this game which will definitely get reflected in their approach to maths. SET can be available here.


Image courtesy- https://www.visualleap.com/products_games.html

Origami can be one of the best, engaging and fun ways to learn Geometry

Origami is an art of folding paper to make any possible shape or structure. Origami is engaging and is fun to learn. Application of origami in making geometrical figures is immensely beneficial to learn certain concepts of geometry. Another benefit is that this form of learning is tactile. The seemingly abstract geometrical figures in the books or problems can be brought to life using paper. Certain 3D structures like cuboid, cube, spheres etc. can be difficult to learn from a 2-dimensional perspective for some children. Origami can solve that problem to a certain extent. Hence, origami will indirectly engage your children into mathematics and they will not even be conscious of that fact.


Make your Children watch “Donald in Mathmagic Land”

Children usually love to watch cartoons. Nobody can deny this fact. It's their favorite pastime. What if you can turn this pastime into something productive? There's a cartoon educational short film called “Donald in Mathmagic Land ” featuring a popular cartoon character Donald Duck, as the name suggests. Make them watch this film. The film is fun to watch. The film can also teach some basic concepts of Maths to the viewers. You can watch the entire movie here.


Image courtesy- https://movies.disney.in/donald-in-mathmagic-land

Engage your Children in Activities that can also Integrate Mathematical Concepts

For engaging children into fun activities as per their liking, you need to do some research. You have to find out the type of activities or games that your children genuinely enjoy and incorporate mathematics into them. Take this simple example of a road trip. In a long trip, your child may ask you this question “How much further?” or something similar. You suddenly come across a milestone depicting a specific distance from your destination. You can then ask your children to calculate the remaining distance from the total distance to your destination by giving them the necessary values required for the solution.

Reward your Child after an Accomplishment

You can actually reward your child after s/he has mastered any math skill or has solved a tricky sum. It's not necessary for the reward to be major. It can be anything, say your child's favorite dessert, an additional hour of playing video games etc. Your child will love that and will probably try to solve more sums for such treats, thereby growing his love for maths.

Demonstrate the various Applications and Usefulness of Mathematics in Real World

Mathematical applications and usefulness prevail in our real-time environment in the forms of measurement, time, distance, speed, monetary transactions and others. You can actually point this principle out to children directly or indirectly. This can include comparison and calculation of prices of various goods at stores, calculation of coupons, weight of certain grocery goods etc. For example, while checking out from a grocery store, ask your children to calculate the total bill amount.

Incorporate Technology for Math Lessons

Children love to use technology. Then why don’t we use the same for their lessons? There are a number of math apps available on the internet capable of providing the users with challenging sums and teaching the users a number of short-cut techniques or tricks to solve certain problems.

Mathematics is generally taught to students through a procedure-oriented manner like if they solve a problem in a certain process, they'll get the right answer. But why should they take that approach, alone? Where is the involvement of critical thinking? Naturally, some of them start avoiding this subject if they fail to understand certain concepts in classes. Some students also have an approach of memorizing certain sums without getting the proper principles behind them. It's necessary to present Mathematics in a manner which will make children understand the underlying principle behind the sums; thereby making them delve deeper into this subject. A strong foundation is always necessary for Mathematics. The 7 ways presented above can be suitable for making students enthusiastic about Mathematics.


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