5 ways to increase IQ Level

5 ways to increase IQ Level

 This article will be very useful for those who wishes to increase their IQ. By reading this article you will be pretty sure about all the tips that I will be listing and explaining in this article and by following them will surely boost your IQ level.

IQ also known as Intelligence Quotient is actually a score that is derived from a set of tests that is used to determine human intelligence level. Person having a high IQ has a lot of advantages like problem solving skills, fast learner, high adaptability, flexibility and improvement etc. A lot of attention is also given to people having a high IQ level and are also treated differently. So here are 5 ways to increase IQ level of any human being.

5 ways to increase IQ Level | futurite.in

5 ways to Increase IQ level

#1. Play Chess:

Chess is a game that is being played from centuries and is for a reason. Being a complex game helps develop problem solving skills. It stimulates both side of the brain and also increases concentration. People playing chess has been seen to improve IQ levels and improved problem solving skills.


#2. Do Sprints:

Aerobic exercises and workout has been proved by many studies to improve IQ level. According a study it was proved that the cardiovascular fitness actually increases verbal intelligence by almost 50% which is a lot. Hence if you are not already working out, then I suggest you to get onto it.


#3. Start Meditating:

Meditating is one of the best ways for your body to stay relaxed as it lowers stress levels. Meditation improves efficiency when it comes to deep cognitive processing. Hence meditating for only 20 minutes a day can prove to be much beneficial.

5 ways to increase IQ Level | futurite.in

#4. Take Creatine:

Creatine helps lift the energy levels available for computation in the brain. This fact has been proved by a research conducted by the University of Sydney which showed that by consuming only 5gms of Creatine daily of a span of 6 weeks can boost IQ by 15 points. So start your 6 week program now.

#5. Learn a new Language or a new Instrument:

Learning a new or foreign language helps the Language centers also known as hippocampus in our brain to grow as learning a new language means learning new grammar, pronunciation and a lot more which also helps for negotiating, problem solving and reading in the new language as well as for other known languages. It is also the same with learning a new musical Instrument.

Hence if you wish to increase yours or your child’s IQ level, follow the ways that I have mentioned wholeheartedly and you will eventually start seeing results in your IQ level.


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