5 Tips to be proficient in English

5 Tips to be proficient in English

We all know how important it is to be a proficient English speaker in this world and why English speaking is a must have skill in almost all job sectors. Keeping this in mind, I will be answering why English is so crucial in today’s world and also be enlisting 5 Tips to be proficient in English which one should follow to upscale their skills. If taken seriously these tips can prove to be highly beneficial for those who are constantly looking to enhance their English speaking capabilities.

5 Tips to be proficient in English | futurite.in

Why English is so important?

English is considered to be so important because it is the most used languages in the entire world and also many learning institutes and schools has it in their learning curriculum. People those who are good in English can communicate with people from different parts of the world as it is a common language. Nowadays it is a must have skill in many industries for multinational transactions and communication, hence it is also known to be as career language. To access literature English books are the only available common medium. As the language English is used in almost every part of the world, hence it is always an advantage to be good in the language which is appreciated in all parts of the globe.

Now that we have understood the importance of English and why it is appreciated in all parts of the globe, let us now learn some of the most useful tips from which we can enhance our English communication skills to meet industry standard.

5 Tips to enhance your English

5 Tips to be proficient in English | futurite.in

# don’t be afraid of speaking English in public

There are many people who are embarrassed to speak English in public as they are not proficient in it. This is one big reason which lets you down. So the first thing is “do not be bothered what others think about you”. Start believing in yourself as if others can you also can.

# Read, Write, Listen, Speak & Repeat

The best possible way to upscale your English learning capabilities is by repeating to read, write, listen, speak and again repeat until you reach to perfection. It is often said that hard work will definitely pay out so do not lost hope and patience and just do not worry about making mistakes as you cannot hope to be perfect if you do not make mistakes and learn from it.

# Mirror is your Best Friend

You might have heard this as this is one of the best ways to improve your speaking skills. Speaking in front of a mirror can let you hear yourself and it will also make you confident. Mirrors are a great way to identify any mistakes you make while speaking which can be further rectified or modified to make it sound even better than before.

# Usage of Dictionary & Newspaper

As learning any language, in this case English is a tough task, it is very important invest some time on a daily basis to keep nurturing your skills. The best way to do this is to use an English dictionary start by learning 5 words a day. It is better to write those words with its meaning in a notebook and then try to create small sentences with it. By this way within a matter of months you will be enriched with a wide range of words in your stock and then keep increasing your limit as there are practically millions of words. The same can be done using a newspaper where you can select a particular section and trying reading it loud. By doing this you will come across many unfamiliar words which you can learn using a dictionary.

# Keep on Practicing

The last tip in this article will be to never forget to practice even if you become proficient in English. Always keep in touch. If possible communicate with your friends and family in English and ask them to correct you if you are wrong. One of the best ways that I use to practice English is by reading eBooks and by watching English movies with subtitles even if I do not need it.

These are my top 5 best Tips to be proficient in English which can surely give a try if you really want to improve your English reading, writing and speaking skills. I am sure that people who will follow these tips will surely see improvement.




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